I’ve asked the lovely people I work for to summarise their experience in 5 words.
Risky, I know but here it goes…

“Cares passionately about your project.”

Karim Mezeli, Design Director, Concorde BGW

“Efficient, professional, diligent, passionate conscientious”

Kerry McClinton‑King, Director & Founder, Sorores

Beyond talented, surpassed our expectations.

Katherine Fraser, Co-founder and Executive Director, 1 and One

“Pro-active, enthusiastic, friendly, talented, creative!”

Stella Kabiena, CRM Executive, UGG

“Emily delivers above and beyond!”

Maria Halseth, Managing Director, Happii

“An absolute attention to detail.”

Christine Sellwood, Design Director, C Space

“Creative, thoughtful, productive, thorough & innovative”

Andy Glave, Managing Partner, Simply 360 Search

“Happy, helpful and very talented”

Melissa Clarke, Communication Specialist EMEA, Deckers Brands

“Designer who brings the ideas!”

Simon Hadley, Production Manager, Mash Media

“A creative and talented designer.”

Vicky Garcia, Freelance Illustrator, Vicky Garcia Art

“Consistently produces great creative work.”

Bryce Waters, Senior Designer, Metropolis 

“Pro-active, super-bright, enthusiastic, friendly & organised.”

Christine Sellwood, Design Director, C Space

“A kind and genuine colleague.”

Natalia Hobbons, Animator, C Space

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