1 and One Brand

Client: 1 and One


In 2019 I was contacted by Katherine Fraser, Co-founder and Executive Director of 1 and One. The brief was to brand, create marketing material and the website for her new business. 1 and One is a Canberra-based consultancy specialising in public sector professional service delivery.

Professional, transparent and confident.
These values I found to run through 1 and One Consulting to it’s core and is displayed in a visual way through their branding with clean typography, textures and a no-nonsense black, white and silver palette.

This was approximately two weeks work.


Full Logo

1 and One is made up of two teams. One focused on data, the other written communication, hence 1 and One. I’ve used this as inspiration for the simple graphic secondary device.


Email Signatures




Close up and personal.
Imagery that is Canberra focused has been chosen but we’ve made sure to pick locations that only people who know the area will get. Close ups of interesting architecture and locations sit well within the brand palette to show 1 and One live, love and respect the city they work in.


As the brief called for a simple, information-based website I created the site in Squarespace.

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